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General Music Software

Although a lot of editing etc. of styles, registrations etc. can be performed in the keyboard, many prefer to use computer software for these tasks.

During the years a number of hobby programmers have created a lot of fine software programs.

This page lists software designed especially for the Yamaha Genos, Tyros, PSR, CVP, DGX, YPG and YPT range of keyboards.

Style Editors & Players CASM Editor MDB Editor midi2style MIDI and Style File Checker MIDI and Style Player OTS Editor OTS Viewer OTS Volume Changer Revo Drum Cleaner Single Note Volume Changer Style File Renamer Style Fixer Style Format 2 Converter Style Format Finder Style Half Bar Fill Creator Style Intro 4 and Ending 4 Style in YEP Files Style Old Format Converter Style ReMixer Style Revoicer Style Split and Splice Style Tempo Editor Style Time and Tempo in Name Style Time Editor Style Unlocker Style Volume Changer


Style Dump

Style Player

Style Player


One Man Band

MFX Styles


Style Works

stygmorgan (Linux)

Performer zip

PSR Style File Player zip

Style Editor zip

StyleMagic YA

KBD-Infinity - The Accomp. Machine

KBD-Infinity - Style Customizer

FreePlay MIDI Acc. Software


Voices and Voice Editors

Wave Xtractor

TransMIDIfier - inst. patch switch etc.

Tyros Voices - Dynamix Audio

Registration Editors



Registration Shuffler

Regbank Edit

List Yamaha Keyboard Registrations

Murray's Registration Manager

Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site - German site CoReF Registrierungsverwaltung

Music Finder Editors Music Finder File Manager

Music Finder View

Music Finder Editor

Icons and Icon Editors

Yamaha Display Screen Capture

Display Snapper zip

Expansion Packs Software

YEP Voice Manager v.2 exe

YEP Voice Manager v.3 exe

Database Programs Style Duplicates Manager

PSR Style Database

Music Database zip

Genos Style Finder zip