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OTS Format

OTS Editor is a software for editing all parameters in OTS sections in Yamaha keyboard style files.

Besides this the program can export and import OTS sections to/from style files meaning that entire OTS sections can be saved to HD and be reused in a number of styles. Furthermore entire OTS sections can be imported directly from other style files. Open the File menu.

OTS Mixer, which lets the user
- use the mixer to create some template OTS sections (e.g. one for jazz; one for rumba etc.)
- export these templates to OTS files
- import one of these template OTS into the style

Separate OTS Files created to work with PSR 9000 styles can NOT be imported as these have another file format.

Multi Pad selection is not yet implemented in Genos, PSR S670; PSR A3000; PSR A2000 and PSR OR700.

Harmony/Arpeggio selection is not yet implemented in Genos, CVP 709/705/701; and PSR A3000.

I need help to reveal the secret internal data from users of these models. More information.

The most common parameters can be edited in the main window:

OTS Editor

The Harmony settings window is found in menu Edit | Harmony Settings

OTS Editor Harmony

The Multi Pad settings window is found in menu Edit | Multi Pad Settings

OTS Editor Multi Pad

The OTS Mixer window is found in menu Edit | OTS Mixer

OTS Editor Mixer

For selecting voices - or revoicing - go to menu Edit | Voice Selector

Note: Setting the Prog.; MSB; and LSB values in the Main window will do the same!

OTS Editor Voices

The volume can be changed globally for all channels in menu Edit | Global Volume

OTS Editor Volume

The detailed OTS settings can be found by pressing a "Go ..." button below the heading "More" in the Main window.

The settings in the opened window apply to the selected OTS part.

OTS Editor DSP

2.402018-01-02Support for PSR E3x3 serie and YPT 4x0 serie and 3x0 serie.
2.392017-12-27Support for DGX 660; PSR E453/443/403/363; PSR EW400/300; PSR i455/425 and YPT 400/360.
Support for "scp" style file extension.
2.382017-11-06Support for Genos. NB: Missing Multi Pad and Harmony/Arpeggio data. More information
2.372016-01-22Support for PSR S970; PSR S770 and PSR S670 Harmony/Arpeggio settings added. NB: Still missing PSR S670 Multi Pad data. More information
Minor design changes in the Harmony Window for these models.
2.362015-11-16Support for PSR A3000. NB: Missing Multi Pad and Harmony/Arpeggio data. More information
2.352015-11-11Support for CVP 709, CVP 705 and CVP 701. NB: Missing Harmony/Arpeggio data. More information
2.342015-11-03Support for PSR S970 and PSR S770 Multi Pad selection added.
2.332015-07-09Support for PSR S970 and PSR S770 except MultiPad and Harmony/Arpeggio. See rev. 2.34 and rev. 2.37.
2.322015-06-03Support for PSR S670 except MultiPad and Harmony/Arpeggio. See rev. 2.37.
2.312015-03-27A bug in Speed Setting in Harmony Window corrected.
2.302014-06-17Support for Tyros 5 MultiPad selection added.
2.292014-05-24 There are no new features. This update has a background in security. While desktop applications are not particularly vulnerable to external threats, I have decided to update this application. This means that the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) ver. 7 must be installed on the user's computer. I apologize for any inconvenience; but "better safe than sorry". Read Get JRE for additional information.
2.282013-11-15Support for Tyros 5 voices except MultiPad. See rev. 2.30.
2.272013-08-18Support for CVP 609; CVP 605 and CVP 601.
Sorting in Revoice Editor Window improved.
2.262013-08-14Internal code update.
2.252013-07-12Added a dialog box to add missing OTS settings when opening a style file.
2.242013-02-24Support for all MSB values.
Error handling improved.
2.232012-10-28Support for PSR S750 and PSR S950.
2.222012-07-11Internal code update.
2.212012-05-17Support for the CVP 5xx series.
Updated the look of the User Interface.
2.202012-04-11Support for PSR A2000; PSR S650 and PSR S500. NB: Missing PSR A2000 Multi Pad data. More information.
Minor updates in the User Interface.
2.192011-08-28True support for YPG 635.
Minor errors in voice lists corrected.
2.182010-12-17Support for Tyros 4
2.172010-08-30Oops... A left over from the last update has been corrected.
2.162010-02-03Save locations for user settings file and log files have been changed due to permission problems in Windows Vista and Windows 7 in some configurations.
Internal code revision.
2.152009-10-03Support for PSR S550/S550B; PSR S710 and PSR S910.
Some bugs in the MultiPad settings window corrected.
Added multilingual Online Help. Accessible from within the program, and from this page.
If you upgrade you MUST run Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.6 or better at your computer. More information about getting and installing JRE at the Download Page.
2.142009-01-30New feature: OTS Mixer for mixing OTS sections from more files.
Changed feature: Global Volume can be assigned individually to R1, R2, R3 and L.
2.132008-12-29Support for DGX 630/YPG 635.
Errors in Tyros 3 Voice list corrected.
2.122008-07-12Support for Tyros 3
Buttons at the User Interface corresponding to most Menu elements
Volume values are highlighted for better orientation
Global Volume settings are remembered while the program is running
Style File Name is visible in the Title Bar - even for very long file paths
2.112008-07-12Help file in German and in Danish.
2.102008-02-24Support for DGX 620/520 and YPG 625/525.
2.092008-02-02Support for PSR 550.
2.082007-12-10Support for CVP 409/7/5/3/1 and PSR OR700 voices. NB: Missing PSR OR700 Multi Pad data. More information
2.072007-10-09The number of active OTS parts in the style is now selectable.
In the Main window just uncheck 'Right 1', 'Right 2', 'Right 3' and 'Left' in not-wanted OTS parts.
2.062007-08-14Support for PSR S900 and PSR S700 voices
If you upgrade you MUST run Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.5 or better at your computer. More information about getting and installing JRE at the Download Page.
2.052005-12-05Support for PSR-K1 and DGX-505/305/500/300 voices
2.042005-10-29Support for CVP-309/307/305/303/301 voices
2.032005-10-19Support for Tyros 2 Multi Pads
2.022005-10-15Support for Tyros 2 features, except Multi Pads
2.012005-02-01Code revision. No new features
2.002005-01-19Program completely rewritten
2004-07-10OTS Editor 1.01 removed due to some critical errors; too few features; unfriendly User Interface; etc.
1.012004-07-03Code revisions
1.002004-06-06 Initial release
Legal Stuff

OTS Editor
© 2004- Jørgen Sørensen.
All Rights Reserved.

You should carefully read the following terms and conditions before using this program.

Copyright laws apply to this program, and the copyright holder retains all rights. The program must NOT be altered or decompiled nor included as part of another system or program without permission from the holder of copyright. Uploading to web sites or file servers or inclusion at cd's, copying to other persons etc. is strictly prohibited.

Users of OTS Editor must accept this disclaimer of warranty: OTS Editor and its related documentation is supplied as is. The author disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness for any purpose. The author assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use or inability to use OTS Editor.