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The keyboard style files contain a number of sections:
• A MIDI section, where the MIDI information is divided into parts. Read more here.
• A CASM section, where the Ctab are set. Read more here.
• An OTS section, where the One Touch Settings are defined. This document describes this section. Reference for OTS software programmers.
• A MDB section, where the Music Data Base records are set. Read more here.

Read about style format differences and how to convert between models at Style File Features.

OTS sections can be created and edited with my OTS Editor software.

The OTS section holds the 4 One Touch Settings (OTS).

Each OTS has some common settings for the entire OTS, and some specific settings for 4 channels:
Right 1; Right 2; Right 3; and Left

Common settings

A number of System Exclusive (SysEx) messages controlling Harmony, Multi Pad etc.

Channel specific settings

• Voice Control: Program, Voice MSB, Voice LSB

• The 20+ MIDI Controllers for Modulation, Main Volume, Panpot, Expression, Sustain etc.
• The 10+ NRPN controllers for Vibrato Rate, Vibrato Depth, Vibrato Delay etc.
• The 4 RPN controllers for Pitch Bend Sensitivity, Fine Tune, Coarse Tune, Modulation Sensitivity
• A number of System Exclusive (SysEx) Messages for Velocity Sense Depth, Velocity Sense Offset, EQ Bass Gain etc.
• DSP Effect Settings