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Style Intro 4 and Ending 4 is a software program for activating "hidden" style parts.

The background...

For ages the keyboard Data List have mentioned the MIDI commands for calling style parts "Intro 4" and "Ending 4".

This has been commented several times:

- Currently no Yamaha keyboard supports 4. But if they ever bring one out, they won't have to change their style file definition.

- If you're into programming style files, you can store an intro or ending there when you're moving things around.

- Those sections can only be selected via MIDI Sysex messages - not from the panel. So in short they are there, but might as well not be.

- I don't know why Yamaha put these extra slots on the keyboards but there are only three Intro's and endings on most Yamaha keyboards.

- Is it possible to use? Answer: Nope

- None of the PSR / Tyros boards have a panel button that can trigger them, so they are not much use.

The facts...

- Wrong, these commands are NOT reserved for future use only. Or unusable. They can be used today...

- Right, there are no buttons to activate these style parts, but...

The solution...

This program adds the missing buttons. Of course not to your keyboard, but to a computer connected to your keyboard.

Go to the keyboard Style Creator - or your sequencer software - and create a style which holds these style parts; or try the demo style.

The style parts MUST be named "Intro D" and "Ending D" respectively in the style data.

These style parts - besides being intro/ending parts - can be used as "long" fill parts.

These "missing" style parts can be called by clicking the buttons in the User interface; by clicking computer keys; or by using an attached foot switch. Read more at the Program Help page.

Style 4 Parts