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Revo Drum Cleaner is a software program for cleaning / remapping drums in Yamaha Style and MIDI files.

Originally developed to mute Revo Drums - first introduced in styles for Genos.

Now it can remap instruments in ALL drum kits... and in all MIDI channels...

This means that it can also be used for remapping / moving notes in non-drum MIDI channels. Be careful when using the software this way!

The program can handle a single file or multiple files. Just hold down "Ctrl" key when selecting files.

For future use always work at file copies!

Revo Drums

The Revo drums are programmed by special scheme, which is not supported in other keyboards.

When converting styles with Revo drums this scheme will produce unwanted "noise". This program addresses this problem by either

1. muting the "noise level" to 0 = not audible
or by
2. remapping "noise" voices to other voices.

In method 1 the "noise" events are still in the style file and can be remapped at a later time. For this purpose the original data is saved in a csv file. Notice: This method will mute notes at or note below value 28 = E-0 only as most - but unfortunately not all - Revo Drum instruments are in this area.

In method 2 the "noise" events are remapped to better sounding voices according to a remap scheme. This method will handle ALL note values.

In the Remap Editor (in Menu Remaps!) the supplied 2 maps - "One2One" and "Default" - can be edited. Furthermore new maps can be added - and deleted. Notice that the first map cannot be deleted!

All Drum Kits

From version 2.2: All drum kits can be remapped using method 2 as described above!

The program can also be used for remapping / moving notes in all MIDI channels. Be careful when using the software this way!

To remap MIDI files always use remap method 2.

Thanks to Paul (aka pjd) for the "Default" remap scheme.

Thanks to Peter (aka Xeenix) for calling on the program, for the engagement in development, and for testing the beta versions.
About conversion

Conversion can be a one-to-one conversion, such as conversion of miles to kilometers, or Fahrenheit to centigrade. Such conversion can be carried out without loss of accuracy.

But conversion may require pre-processing or post processing to get the best results, most often performed manually. Think of converting images to other formats. To get the best result colour balance, contrast etc. should often be adjusted manually afterwards. Just like translation with e.g. Google. Results are usually somewhat understandable, but not perfect. Here you will also need manual finishing.

The same goes for converting with this 1-click program. The result of the conversion is useful - and in many cases fully enough - for the average user. But if the end result has to be 100% correct, there must be manual finishing in more advanced programs.

Revo Drum Cleaner

Revo Drum Cleaner