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Technical Problems

Program Functions

- Menu File | Open: To open style / MIDI file(s).
To open multiple files: Hold down the 'Ctrl' key while selecting files.
- Menu File | Exit: To close the program.

- Menu Remaps! | Remap Editor: To open the Remap Editor window.

User Interface Options

Select "Mute Revo Drums below note 28" or "Remap ALL Drum Kit types"

If "Remap ALL Drum Kit types" select remap scheme for the two channels. Two different maps can be selected.

Select one or two channels to remap.

Mute / Remap now ! - Button
- Mutes / remaps the style file(s).
File Save Dialog opens automatically.

Exit - Button
- Closes the program.
File Open and Save locations are memorized.

The Remap Editor Window

The available schemes are listed. Select a scheme to edit the scheme.

The values in table column "Mapped to..." is editable. Just click the table cell to edit.

When editing the scheme is finished, always save the scheme by clicking button "Save changed and new Schemes".

The selected scheme can be removed, except the first scheme.

New schemes can be added. Give it a unique name; click button "Create new Scheme"; edit the new scheme; and save it by clicking button "Save changed and new Schemes".

You must close this window to return to the Main window.

In the main window the map changes incl. new maps are re-read into the scheme selector boxes.

Remap Schemes are saved in settings file "RevoDrumCleanerMaps.txt". Read below how to locate this file.