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Style Fixer is a software program for repairing erroneous YAMAHA Keyboard style files.

This program will check erroneous Yamaha keyboard style files and repair a number of common errors.

Not repairable style files will be listed and allow the user to delete these files or to move or copy these files to user selected folders.

If the CASM section is missing the program can add a default CASM section (if this default can be successfully used).

The program is a stand alone program which can:
• check and repair a single style file
• check and repair a folder (and its subfolders) of style files
• check and repair style files listed in a CSV file created with the "Export Style Data to CSV File" function in the "PSR Style Database" Application.
• check and repair style files listed in a text file with one file name (incl. full path) per line. E.g.

Style Fixer is developed to repair Yamaha keyboard style files. Many of these style files for download at various sites suffer from a number of errors which makes them impossible to load in a keyboard or impossible to edit in a sequencer software. Other styles have errors in some parts only but this makes these styles impossible to use.

Style Fixer will automatically repair more than 95% of style files which have errors (check the "Errors" column in the PSR Style Database application) and will list the remaining less than 5% of style files which may not be style files at all or are so damaged that automatic repair is impossible.

Style Fixer

1.242017-12-26Support for "scp" style file extension.
1.232017-11-26Support for the hidden style parts: Intro D and Ending D. More
1.222015-02-28Code revision.
1.212013-10-15File Open Dialogs will show relevant (e.g. style, csv) files only.
1.202013-08-15Updated to handle SFF2 format styles.
1.192013-08-13Wrong MIDI length and wrong CASM length in some PSR S550 styles will now be fixed.
1.182013-08-12Internal code revisions.
1.172013-07-27Improved compatibility with systems running more .Net Frameworks.
1.162011-09-28View menu added. Defines and saves User Interface size setting.
Added shortcuts to most used file operations.
1.152010-08-30Save locations for internal temporary files have been changed due to permission problems in Windows Vista and Windows 7 in some configurations.
1.142010-01-28Style files with the new "fps" extension will be handled.
Faster update of User Interface when checking process runs.
1.132010-01-10Duplicate files are now deletable to Recycle Bin.
.Net Framework ver. 2 is now required
1.122009-09-25An critical error in the "Check and Repair Folder"-method has been fixed.
Improved on-screen information while fixing multiple files.
1.112009-03-01Added multilingual Online Help. Accessible from within the program, and from this page.
1.102008-02-15Code revision to avoid file reading errors reported at some systems
1.92008-02-01Internal code revisions.
1.82007-02-22Improved the style part repair method.
Internal code revisions.
1.72007-02-19A text file containing a list of files can now be opened and processed.
1.62004-04-29An until now unknown error type in EMC Style Works conversions caused the program to crash. Now it does not!
1.52004-04-27Deleting, moving or copying multiple selected files did not work properly. Now it does.
1.42004-04-04Speed improved.
A bug causing the program to hang when performing successive runs with the same CSV file has been eliminated.
1.32004-03-23Settings in menus moved to the User Interface.
1.22004-02-08Cosmetic changes in User Interface
Code optimized
1.12003-12-07Style parts missing the last time byte (causing "hanging" notes) is now repaired (was previously deleted).
Style test method has be revised as the last style part (in some style files only) were erroneously tested to be defective.
1.02003-12-04Initial release
Error Type Definitions

The error type definitions below corresponds to the error types used in the PSR Style Database application written by Peter Wierzba.

Repairable Error Types
Error Type Effect Cause Cure
Unexpec- ted bytes The keyboard may refuse to load the style. Most sequencer programs / MIDI players will definitely refuse to open files with this error for editing / playback. • Miscalculated check bytes in the style file
• "Garbage" bytes in the beginning or the end of the style file
• "Garbage" bytes between style file parts
Check bytes will be recalculated and "garbage" byte deleted.
No MIDI File The file will not load. • Misspelled MIDI Header MIDI Header will be corrected.
SFF1 (SFF2) / SInt Error The file will not load. • Missing or misspelled SFF1 (SFF2) Marker
• Missing or misspelled SInt Marker
Correct spelled markers will be added.
MIDI Problems / Errors Style will normally load, but some parts sound strange or will have "hanging" notes for several (maybe hundreds of) measures. • Initial measure in style file corrupt
• One or more style parts are corrupt
Style files with the first error will get a default initial measure.
If the second error is caused by missing end delta time information the style part will be repaired, otherwise the style file will be repaired by deleting the erroneous part.

Possibly Repairable Error Types
Error Type Effect Cause Cure
No Main A part *) The file will not load. • Wrong style file layout The program will try to rename another main part to "Main A". If the style file has no main parts this error can not be corrected and the style file will be listed.
No CASM section **) Style will load, but may sound strange. • Missing CASM section A default CASM section will be added, if this section can be used successfully. If not: Style file will be listed.
*) Current version of the PSR Style Database application does not detect this error type. However these errors are detected while checking individual style files or style file folders.
**) No CASM section may be regarded as: Not a "real" error, just something missing.

Not Repairable Error Types
Error Type Effect Cause Cure
No MIDI File The file will not load. • Missing MIDI Header
• Band In a Box style file
• Unknown format
No cure. Style file will be listed.
Empty File The file will not load. • File is empty No cure. The program will automatically delete all files shorter than 100 bytes. Style file will NOT be listed.
MIDI Problems / Errors The file will not load. • More *) / missing MIDI Header / MIDI Track Header / End of File Markers
• Other MIDI errors
No cure. Style file will be listed.
*)The PSR Style Database application does not detect this error type. However these errors are detected while checking individual style files or style file folders.
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Style Fixer
© 2003- Jørgen Sørensen.
All Rights Reserved.

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