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This is a report on my result while fixing the styles in my YAMAHA Keyboard style collection.

Number of style files for repair: 2519
Repair time: 13 minutes (Computer: AMD Athlon Mobile 1,9 GHz, 256 Mb RAM, Windows 2000)

Error Types according to the definitions in the PSR Style Database software.

Table 1. Test Results

  Error Type(s) Number Repair Rest Repair %
1 Midi Error 23 21 2 91
2 MIDI Problems 277 268 9 97
3 MIDI Problems, No Main A 45 45 0 100
4 MIDI Problems, No Main A, Unexpected bytes 7 7 0 100
5 MIDI Problems, Unexpected bytes 60 60 0 100
6 No CASM 337 274 63 81
7 No Main A 47 -18 *) 65 -38
8 No Main A, Unexpected bytes 16 16 0 100
9 No MIDI File 74 64 10 86
10 No SFF1 1 1 0 100
11 No SFF1, No SInt, No Main A 7 7 0 100
12 No SInt 1 1 0 100
13 Unexpected bytes 1624 1623 1 100
  Total 2519 2369 150 94
*) Some style files having multiple errors (including "No Main A") now have the "No Main A" error only.

Comments to Table 1

1. 94 % of the erroneous style files were repaired. The remaining 6 % could not be repaired for several reasons, see Table 2 below.

2. The repair speed was measured to be 3.2 style files repaired per second - or close to 200 per minute.

3. The 1624 "Unexpected bytes" errors originate mainly from two types of errors in EMC Style Works converted style files:
• Some (most?) versions of EMC Style Works miscalculate the internal MIDI file length by one and write the erroneous length into the MIDI File. This error has no influence at the keyboard, but the error will prevent the style file from being loaded for editing in some sequencer software as the MIDI part of style does not comply with the MIDI specification.
• Some versions of EMC Style Works forget/miscalculate the MIDI delta time byte(s) right before the part marker of the following part in one or more parts. This error will give "hanging" parts in the keyboard, often for hundreds of measures. Often the MIDI part of the style file will comply with the MIDI specification; but the data is misrepresented.

Style Fixer will check for and repair the errors in EMC Style Works converted style files - as well as a number of other errors too.

Table 2. Errors in not-repairable style files

  Errors Number
1 No Main Part found to be used as Main A 65
2 Default CASM cannot be used 63
3 Not a valid MIDI file 12
4 Band In a Box file 8
5 No MIDI End Marker 2

Comments to Table 2

1. If a Main A-part is not found in the style file Style Fixer will try to change another Main part to Main A. The reason for this is that some smaller/older keyboards will not load a style file without a Main A-part. If however a style file does not contain any Main Parts at all this operation cannot be performed.

2. If a CASM section is not found in the style file Style Fixer will try to use a default CASM section. This will succeed if the style use channels 9-16 only. If other channels are used redirections must be set up in the CASM section. As Style Fixer is not able to determine the redirection schema, the default CASM cannot be used.

3. All kind of errors: Unknown file formats, transmission errors, errors from editing in hex editors, etc.

4. Band In a Box style files also use the .sty extension. But this does not make these styles useable in Yamaha keyboards.

5. Corrupt files, transmission errors, etc.