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Style Half Bar Fill Creator is a software program for creating half bar fill's in YAMAHA Keyboard style files.

A Yamaha keyboard style file can by design requirements only have one Time Signature for the entire file.

However, this program can create fill in's and break's at a length of a half bar, e.g. a 2/4 break in a 4/4 style file.

These modifications can be set individually for the 4 Fill In's (A, B, C and D); the Break (BA); and the rarely used AB.

When selecting a half bar fill or break the user can select the first or the last half part of the source file.

E.g. a 2/4 fill or break can be made from:
• either beat 1 and 2
• or beat 3 and 4
of a 4/4 source style file.

Normal style file fill's and break's will not always be musically satisfactory when cut in halves.

Therefore the best results are obtained, if the source fill's and break's are created for use with this program.

If you want to make a 2/4 fill in a 4/4 style then create the fill like this:

Original file

Now run the program, selecting "First half". (The fill notes are in the first half of the fill bar)

The fill will now sound like this:

Modified file

Style Half Bar Fill Creator