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Style Time Editor is a software program for creating style parts in Yamaha Keyboard style files with individual Time Signature's.

A Yamaha keyboard style file can by design requirements only have one Time Signature for the entire file.

However, this program can create individual Time Signatures for each part in a style file.

Demo files

• Download SwingABD_WaltzC.mid. As the name says a MIDI swing (4/4) file where the Main C part is a waltz (3/4) part.
• Download the Style file zip created with this program.

A default CASM section has been added. Check Style Creation Course - Part 10 for detailed instructions.

If you reopen a style once saved in this program it will NOT show the Time Signatures you have added. As the keyboard can handle only one Time Signature, the changing of Time Signature is faked through a combination of tempo changes and note movements.
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Style Time Editor