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Style ReMixer is a software program for remixing YAMAHA Keyboard styles.

This program can remix Yamaha keyboard styles, which is especially useful for styles to smaller / older keyboards which have fewer style parts than the newest models.

Style ReMixer is a standalone program which can be run in 2 modes:
• remix a single style file
• remix a directory of style files (optionally including all subdirectories) according to a general pattern

During remixing OTS (One Touch Setting) and MDB (Music Database) sections can be omitted from the style. The presence of these sections will prevent the style from loading into smaller / older models. Furthermore all voices in source styles can be changed to GM voices.

Source style files will NOT be overwritten as the user is asked for destination names/folders for remixed styles. Furthermore style file names can automatically be converted to 8+3 character length; and can be forced to always use a "sty" extension.

All remix patterns are 100% user defined and can be saved for future use. All settings can be saved as a default setting, which is loaded when the application is launched.

The program tests the source style files and will display appropriate error and warning messages. Erroneous style files can be repaired with the Style Fixer software.

Style ReMixer