Style ReMixer Help

Style ReMixer is a software program for remixing YAMAHA Keyboard styles.


This program can remix styles, which is especially useful for styles to smaller / older keyboards which have fewer style parts than the newest models.

The program is a stand alone program which can be run in 2 modes:
• remix a single style file
• remix a directory of style files (optionally including all subdirectories) according to a general remix pattern
All remix patterns are 100% user defined and can be saved for future use.

During remixing OTS (One Touch Setting) and MDB (Music Database) sections can be omitted from the style. The presence of these sections will prevent the style from loading into smaller / older models. Furthermore all voices in source styles can be changed to GM voices.

Source style files will NOT be overwritten as the user is asked for destination names/folders for remixed styles. Furthermore style file names can automatically be converted to 8+3 character length; and can be forced to always use a "sty" extension.

All settings can be saved as a default setting, which is loaded when the application is launched.

The program tests the source style files and will display appropriate error and warning messages. Erroneous style files can be repaired with the Style Fixer software.

Program Operation

Basic operation - Remix a single Style File:

1. Open a style file (File | Open Single Style File)
2. When the style file is loaded (Notice the message in the status line) select which style parts in the source file to use as style parts in the destination file.
3. Click the ReMix now! button
4. You will be asked for a file name and destination folder for the remixed file.
5. The file remains in memory which means that another remix can be performed without reloading the file.

Basic operation - Remix a folder of Style Files:

1. Open a Folder containing style files (File | Open Style File Folder)
2. Select the Folder in the Directory List window which opens and click OK
3. You will be asked whether to include style files in subfolders to the selected folder. Answer Yes or No.
4. Select which style parts in the source file to use as style parts in the destination file.
5. Open the Directory List again by selecting (File | Select Save Folder)
6. Select a Save Folder and click OK - or add and select a new Folder
7. Click the ReMix now! button
8. The style files will be remixed and saved to the destination folder

The program will read all files with sty, sst, pcs, pst, bcs, prs and fps extensions.
All files will be checked for validity, and appropriate Error and Warning messages will be displayed.
Source files are NOT altered in any way.

Advanced Operations and Settings

Remix patterns

Remix patterns can be saved (Patterns | Save) with a name. Saved remix patterns can be loaded (Patterns | Load) for a new remix or deleted (Patterns | Delete).

Save Folder

The selecting a save folder feature (File | Select Save Folder) must be used when remixing a folder of styles, but can also be used when remixing a single file.

File name conflicts

If you are trying to save a file in an existing name, you will be asked to confirm overwrite. If you do not confirm you will be asked for a new file name.


The remix operation is performed according to the Settings at the User Interface. These settings can be saved as a default setting and they will be preloaded when the application is launched.
The Settings include:
Keep CASM If checked an existing CASM section in the source file will be added to the destination file (the CASM section can be altered according to the remix pattern).
Keep OTS If checked an existing OTS section in the source file will be added unaltered to the destination file.
Keep MDB If checked an existing MDB section in the source file will be added unaltered to the destination file.
Save to A:\ If checked the remixed style files will be saved directly to floppy drive A: (if file name conflicts, see above).
.sty extension If checked the style file will always be saved with a sty extension.
8+3 names If checked the style file name will be truncated to the old 8+3 format (if file name conflicts, see above).
GM voices If checked all voices in the destination file will be GM voices.

Keep selected Pattern

If checked the selected pattern will be used for the next remix.

More information

Legal Stuff

Style ReMixer © 2004- Jørgen Sørensen. All Rights Reserved.

You should carefully read the following terms and conditions before using this program.

Copyright laws apply to this program, and the copyright holder retains all rights. The program must NOT be altered or decompiled nor included as part of another system or program without permission from the holder of copyright. Uploading to web sites or file servers or inclusion at cd's, copying to other persons etc. is strictly prohibited.

Users of Style ReMixer must accept this disclaimer of warranty: Style ReMixer and its related documentation is supplied as is. The author disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness for any purpose. The author assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use or inability to use Style ReMixer.