Style In YEP Files is a software program for extracting style files from Yamaha YEP files (Yamaha Expansion Pack).
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This program extracts style files from YEP files; and saves the extracted files in a subfolder to the YEP file.

After opening a YEP file the program runs automatically. The process is somewhat slow (up to a minute for large files); so please be patient.

Style In YEP Files

Version history

1.92014-05-24 There are no new features. This update has a background in security. While desktop applications are not particularly vulnerable to external threats, I have decided to update this application. This means that the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) ver. 7 must be installed on the user's computer. I apologize for any inconvenience; but "better safe than sorry". Read Get JRE for additional information.
1.82014-02-16No new features.
An inconsistency in application naming caused an error in detecting the program in the Software Program Manager application.
1.72013-10-17View menu added. Defines and saves User Interface size setting.
1.62013-10-13File Open Dialog will show yep files only.
1.52013-07-25The YEP format changes were more complicated... This version will read all the format variations, I have found so far.
1.42013-07-24The YEP format has changed. The program will read both the new format and the old format.
1.32012-06-07Bug reading some YEP files corrected. This is somewhat embarrassing...
1.22012-06-07Bug reading some YEP files corrected
1.12012-06-07Bug reading some YEP files corrected
1.02012-06-06Initial release