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Program Operation

Select style file(s) to convert:
- Select menu File | Open File(s) to open a single/multiple file.
- Select menu File | Open Folder, which will open a File Dialog showing Folders only. In this File Dialog select a style SOURCE folder. When closing this File Dialog another similar File Dialog will show. Now select a SAVE folder for the converted style files.

After selecting a style file or folders set conversion options:
- delete OTS section (if present)
- convert Mega Voices (if present)
- save style file(s) with a .sty extension. Otherwise the original extension is used
- use old CASM format. The mixer will not work at some models if saved in newest sub format
- set the file resolution to 480 ticks per quarter note
- change voices to GM voices.

Convert file(s):
Click button "Convert" to start the conversion process. Please wait...
If a style file has errors the conversion of this style file will be aborted.

Saving converted style files:
- "Single File" mode: A File Save Dialog is shown. Save the converted style file in a folder and a file name of your choice.
- "Folder" mode: The converted style files will be named "_" + original name + extension (defined above); e.g. "_SlowWaltz.sty" and automatically saved in the selected save folder.

Select menu File | Exit to end the program.

During the years the Mega Voices have got more complex, and the number has increased dramatically.
This means that the conversion of Mega Voices in some cases is rather problematic; and hence an individual revoicing of the style might be required.