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6.132018-11-17A rare program initializing error corrected.
6.122018-01-02Support for PSR E3x3 serie and YPT 4x0 serie and 3x0 serie.
6.112017-12-27Support for DGX 660; PSR E453/443/403/363; PSR EW400/300; PSR i455/425 and YPT 400/360.
Support for "scp" style file extension.
6.102017-12-13All LSB values for Drum voices. Yamaha has used "0" only until Genos.
6.92017-11-06Support for Genos.
6.82017-05-28An incompatibilty reading old format 'Conversion Data Settings' files has been fixed.
6.72016-08-18An unhandled exception which occurred at the first start at a new installation, has been handled.
6.62016-02-04User Interface and built-in Help now in Português Brasileiro. Thanks to Renaldy Santos.
6.52015-11-16Support for PSR A3000.
6.42015-11-11Support for CVP 709, CVP 705 and CVP 701.
6.32015-07-06Support for PSR S970 and PSR S770.
6.22015-06-03Support for PSR S670.
Continue button (in Player) has been improved.
Log files auto updates and focuses at the last line.
Exception reporting improved.
Redundant code removed.
6.12015-05-22Some operational changes implemented to avoid internal conflicts in program execution:
- Horizontal scroll bar in 'Piano Roll' in 'Main Window' improved.
- Assignment of MIDI channels and Style channels in 'Voice Selector' in 'Main Window' improved.
- Selections in 'Piano Roll' in 'Main Window' while playing is now disabled.
- Switching windows in 'Navigator' in all windows while playing is now disabled.
Centering of Message Boxes and Program Help in relation to program window.
Resized the program Help window to app. 75 % of actual program window size.
Improved online help.
Minor code changes.
6.02015-05-18Brand new look.
More logical architecture with 5 windows.
Graphical MIDI Player.
Configurable Window Width. (The Mac users will love it!)
100's of design changes.
Optimized the code all over.
Reduced the computer load.
Improved error and exception handling.
Updated help; documentation; and demo files.
5.172015-04-06Added a Piano Roll Window for auditing the MIDI File.
5.162015-03-29A bug when deselecting more channels in the Player and Part Selector Window corrected.
Improved handling of MIDI Devices.
5.152014-07-15The possibility of saving styles in SFF2 format has been reactivated.
5.142014-07-13There are no new features. This update optimizes the UI at Mac systems.
The possibility of saving styles in SFF2 format has been removed due to incompatibility issues. Use your keyboard for converting SFF1 format to SFF2 format.
5.132014-05-24 There are no new features. This update has a background in security. While desktop applications are not particularly vulnerable to external threats, I have decided to update this application. This means that the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) ver. 7 must be installed on the user's computer. I apologize for any inconvenience; but "better safe than sorry". Read Get JRE for additional information.
5.122013-11-11Support for Tyros 5.
5.112013-10-21Support for DGX 530 and YPG 535.
5.102013-10-01Support for PSR E423 and DGX 650.
5.92013-09-01Support for PSR E433.
5.82013-08-18Support for CVP 609; CVP 605 and CVP 601.
Sorting in Revoice Editor Window improved.
5.72013-08-14Fixed an error, which caused the DGX 640 Voice List to fail.
5.62013-02-24Support for all MSB values.
5.52013-02-12Any MIDI device present in your system can be used for playback.
5.42012-10-28Support for PSR S750 and PSR S950.
5.32012-07-11Support for DGX 640.
5.22012-06-05Muting in Player & Part Selector window did not work properly. Now it does!
In Style Player windows the state of buttons are automatically reset after playing.
5.12012-06-04In Main window no voices having MSB=104 could be selected. Now they can!
5.02012-05-31Updated the look of the User Interface.
Styles can be saved in SFF1 and SFF2 formats. SFF2 is also known as SFF GE.
OTS settings can be imported from other style files.
Icons can be added to style files.
Some unlogical operations corrected.
Some tiny bugs fixed.
The "Getting Started" guides have been updated.
4.372012-05-17Support for the CVP 5xx series.
The Bass On feature (when playing fingered chords in AI mode) can be set.
Chords in MIDI file can be logged to file.
The 4 types of log files can be saved in other names and folders.
Rearranged some Menu Items.
4.362012-04-11Support for PSR A2000; PSR S650 and PSR S500.
Minor updates in the User Interface.
4.352011-08-28True support for YPG 635.
Minor errors in voice lists corrected.
4.342010-09-28Support for Tyros 4
4.332010-02-03Save locations for user settings file and log files have been changed due to permission problems in Windows Vista and Windows 7 in some configurations.
4.322010-01-31Internal code revision.
4.312009-10-03Support for PSR S550/S550B; PSR S710 and PSR S910.
Added multilingual Online Help. Accessible from within the program, and from this page.
Added multilingual Online Getting Started Guide. Accessible from within the program, and from this page.
If you upgrade you MUST run Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.6 or better at your computer. More information about getting and installing JRE at the Download Page.
4.302009-01-30Added a new window for typing part start and part length.
Support for PSR E-413.
4.292008-12-29Support for DGX 630/YPG 635.
Errors in Tyros 3 Voice list corrected.
4.282008-10-21Support for Tyros 3
4.272008-07-12All style parts can be melodic
4.262008-02-24Support for DGX 620/520 and YPG 625/525
4.252008-02-02Support for PSR 550
4.242007-12-10Support for CVP 409/7/5/3/1 and PSR OR700 voices
4.232007-08-14Support for PSR S900 and PSR S700 voices
4.222007-03-15Count In Volume in Intro Parts is now user selectable.
Minor changes in the User Interface and Help file.
4.212007-03-06A minor bug in Export Conversion Data method has been fixed
4.202007-03-02Chords in the original MIDI file are written to a text file.
Chord recognition and speed in the convert method has been improved.
4.192007-01-29Support for PSR S500 voices
4.182005-12-05Support for PSR-K1 and DGX-505/305/500/300 voices
4.172005-10-29Support for CVP-309/307/305/303/301 voices
4.162005-10-15Support for Tyros 2 voices
4.152005-02-01The Loop function in the MIDI and Style Players has been improved.
Minor changes in the help file.
If you upgrade you MUST run Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.5 or better at your computer. More information about getting and installing JRE at the Download Page.
 2005-01-23The program is NOT changed at all; but the Java Sound Bank has been removed from the installation file.
In most cases it is not needed at all; and in some cases it even blocks for playback through your keyboard.
Read more about Sound through your keyboard.
4.142004-07-28A bug in the drum channels in the "Fill In AB" style part corrected
4.132004-07-03Some minor errors in the Voice Lists corrected
4.122004-06-06Support for PSR 3000 and PSR 1500 voices
4.112004-03-23Revoice Editor Window for easier voice selection and revoicing.
Help window is now resizable.
File reading speed and speed in the Style Editor Window has been improved several times.
4.102004-02-15The program is now able to auto select the best channels for chord recognition.
Font size in the Help window can be changed on the fly.
Chord recognition method has been improved.
4.092004-01-31Addition of B nodes to avoid disharmonies is now user selectable.
4.082003-12-08Pad and Phrase channels are not considered in chord recognition as a default setting. Can be changed in the Note Settings Window.
The section of the measures used for chord recognition can be set in the Note Settings Window. Default is 1 measure.
4.072003-08-01Polyphony window showing number of notes and maximum polyphony in each style part
Rewind to Start button in the Player and Part Selector window
Style part length is added automatically to style parts for information in part setup at the keyboard
Methods for avoiding/controlling overlapping notes coming from the cut and paste of source file measures, and from editing style parts at note level in the Style Editor Window have been optimized.
Mute setting in the Player and Part Selector window is now disabled while style playing.
A bug in the Import Conversion Data function could cause the program to crash. This only happens if the Conversion Data has been created from midi2style version 3.x or lower.
4.062003-07-20A bug in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) ver. 1.4.2 from Sun Microsystems Inc. caused midi2style to crash.
This version is a reprogrammed version which eliminates the effects of this bug; and is tested successfully with JRE 1.4.2, 1.4.1_03, 1.4.1_02 and 1.4.1_01.
Upgrade is necessary if JRE ver. 1.4.2 is running at the pc.
4.052003-06-15Added validation of voice selections for PSR 2100 and PSR 1100
4.042003-04-26Converted styles can now be used in XG Works.
4.032003-04-06Using the Stop button in the Style Player Window caused an absolutely non critical error. Now it does not!
4.022003-03-29A play "All Style Parts" option has been added to the Style Player Window
The Tempo Factor setting in the Style Player Window was not functioning in the previous version. Now it is!
4.012003-01-16A minor error in the German and Danish user interface has been corrected.
4.002003-01-01Controller and Tempo events can be added, deleted or edited in the Style Editor
The number of Fade Out measures in Ending parts is now selectable
Notes shorter than a user defined length can be removed automatically
Drum notes can be shortened to a user defined length
The Volume Profile can be set individually in channels
Channels in Melodic style parts can be transposed individually
A new Volume Settings Window with volume setting parameters
Minor changes in Basic Setting, Note Setting, Melodic Part Setting and Style Editor windows
Code optimized
Minor bugs in code and documentation corrected
3.042002-12-20A logic error in the management of enabling of menus caused the four "Setting" menus to remain disabled when the "Tempo Setting"-window had been opened.
A workaround for all previous 3.x versions is to open and close the Player & Part Selector window which will enable the four "Setting" menus.
3.032002-12-10This version fixes the problem mentioned under heading "Version 3.02". This version is compatible with Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.3x and version 1.4x.
Version 3.02 did not completely solve the problem described and will crash when the Log File Window is opened at computers running JRE version 1.3x.
In this version user log files are created in a subfolder to the user default directory, normally "C:\Documents\ midi2style" (Windows 95/98/Me) or "C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\midi2style" (Windows 2000/XP).
3.022002-12-09The method for creating the user log file folder could cause the program to crash at start up.
This has been reported at pc's running Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.3.
In the black "DOS" windows which is running minimized at the Task Bar the error is defined as "NoSuchMethodError".
This version will write the user log files to the program folder, normally "C:\Program Files\midi2style".
Upgrade necessary for users which discovers this error only.
Another solution is to keep version 3.00 combined with an uninstallation of JRE version 1.3x and an installation of version 1.4x. Go to "Download Page" for details.
3.012002-12-07A logic error in the management of enabling of menus caused the "Convert" menu to remain disabled when "Convert" and "Player & Part Selector" were activated in a particular sequence.
A workaround for version 3.00 is to open and close the Style Player window which always will enable the Convert menu.
3.002002-12-03Style Editor including style editing at note level; configurable player and editing log file.
Transpose each channel individually for modifying the note level of the channel.
Splitting of MIDI file drum/percussion channel 10 into Rhythm Sub and Rhythm Main at user defined note number.
Support for MIDI files with /16 and /32 Time Signatures.
MIDI files with no voice definitions at all are handled with default voices (Piano).
Logic in lower part of the Main Window improved. Now sets Fill In's to one measure automatically.
Option to automatic invoke Export Conversion Data dialog after Style Save operation.
Individual number of measures to key detection in melodic parts for avoiding key errors.
Delete channels individually in internal chord recognition to avoid influence from "melody line" channels.
Help button in all windows.
The Help window can be opened by pressing the F1 key and closed by pressing the Esc-key.
Process Menu split into Settings Menu and Process Menu.
A new Note Settings Window with all note related settings.
Code optimized and minor bugs in code and documentation corrected.
2.032002-11-08In one case it has been reported that PSR 340 resets or hangs when loading midi2style converted styles.
The sequence and timing of initializing operations within the style file has been changed.
2.022002-11-02If Conversion Data were imported the conversion parameters in the Settings and the Tempo Settings windows were not registered correctly in the conversion process.
A workaround for version 2.00 and 2.01 is to open and close these two windows if the conversion parameters are set form "Import Conversion Data".
2.012002-11-01Style part Fill In AB is added as this parts is used in PSR 8000 among others.
Added validation of voice selections for PSR 8000
2.002002-10-27XG voice and PSR Panel voice support
Voice selections for Tyros, PSR9000/9000Pro, PSR 2000, PSR1000, PSR740 and PSR640 are validated
Intro and Ending Parts can play "melodic" (non harmonized) as the MIDI file
Conversion settings can be saved for future use for new conversions
Most used controller events can be included into the style file
The five last opened MIDI files are added to the File menu for fast access
Program remembers Open and Save folders for fast access to user folders
Program start/stop; file operations and conversions are logged to file
The MIDI File player has got a "Pause/Continue" button
Most code rewritten to reduce size and to improve speed.
1.012002-10-10Maximum style part lengths are increased to 64 measures (fills one measure)
User Interface in English, German and Danish
1.002002-05-17 First public release.