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This site is dedicated to Yamaha keyboard players - and to musicians generally.
At the site you will find my keyboard and music software programs; my articles about keyboards and music related topics; and my keyboard styles.
Besides this you will find links to keyboard discussion forums; keyboard resource sites; keyboard and music software programs and utility files; and technical data specifications.
Also included here are links to numerous music related web sites; including resources for music software programming; MIDI files; sheet music; and song writing.
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  CASM Editor
Image To PDF
Lyrics Finder
MDB Editor
midi2style Yamaha keyboard resource
MIDI and Style File Checker
MIDI and Style Player Yamaha keyboard resource
MIDI Formatter
MIDI Mega Voice Cleaner
MIDI Note Event Cleaner
MIDI Revoicer Yamaha keyboard resource
Music Book Viewer
Music Finder File Manager
OTS Editor Yamaha keyboard resource
OTS Viewer
OTS Volume Changer
Software Program Manager
Style Duplicates Manager
Style File Renamer
Style Fixer
Style Format 2 Converter
Style Format Finder
Style Half Bar Fill Creator
Style in YEP Files
Style Old Format Converter
Style ReMixer
Style Revoicer
Style Split and Splice
Style Tempo Editor
Style Time and Tempo in Name
Style Time Editor
Style Unlocker
Style Volume Changer
Text Formatter
Voice Finder
  March 29
Updated software
MIDI Revoicer
MIDI and Style Player
Added to Resources Page
Sampling Scat Voices
Scat Voice Expansion Pack
Added to Docs-Specs Page
Tyros - Undocumented SysEx
Added to Songwriting Page
Create Dots
March 28
Updated software
OTS Editor
March 26
Added to Styles Page
Ritmos Yamaha
New article
OTS Section Format
March 25
New article
MDB Section Format
March 24
New article
Voice File Format
March 23
New article
Music Finder File Format
Created a new section "Yamaha File Formats" at the Programming Page
March 22
Added to Resources Page
Expansion Manager with Tyros 5
March 14
Updated software
MIDI Revoicer
March 13
Added to Resources Page
Make music with MMS on PSR/Tyros
Added to Lyrics-Tabs Page
A-Z Music Lyrics & Chords
Added to Fakebooks-Sheets Page
Wikifonia Songs
Added to Danish Music Page (find this in the Site Map)
Tekst og musik - Klaus & Servants
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