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Latest site update at October 21 2016.

News at this Site

October 21

All links at the site have been checked: Redirected links have been corrected, and obsolete links have been removed.

Added to Styles page

Sinhala Styles

Added to Software 1 page

KBD-Infinity - Style Customizer

Added to Music Software 2 page

KBD-Infinity - MIDI Utility Pack

KBD-Infinity - Pancho

KBD-Infinity - MIDI Doctor

October 14

Added to Resources page

France Tyros 5 Music-Finder

France Fred Tyros Studio

October 12

Added to Styles page

Anselm Tabla styles

Keyboardiz PSR S910

October 10

Added Croatian Croatian 'Help' and 'Getting Started' for midi2style (ver. 5.x). Thanks Casper!

October 9

Added to MIDI Files Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site - MIDI Files More MIDI Sites page

Midi Menagerie

Free High Quality Midi Files


MidiKar Group

October 8

Added to Fakebooks - Sheets page


October 7

Added to Music Software 1 page

Notation Musician

Notation Composer

October 6

The October 2016 Newsletter has been mailed to all subscribers.

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September 26

Added to Fakebooks - Sheets page

Estrangeira Songbooks

Free Piano Sheet Music

More news from 2016