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Technical Problems

Select menu Setup | MIDI Setup to select MIDI Device for playback.

Select menu File | Open to Open a MIDI or a Style File.

MIDI files can be paused or stopped while playing.

Style files can be
- played like MIDI files
- user selected parts in Style files can be looped

Select menu File | Exit to end the program.

For programmers only

This program can be run from a bat file in several ways. The command is:

javaw -jar <the path to>/MIDIandStylePlayer.jar parameter1 parameter2 parameter3 parameter4

parameter1 (optional): the name of a file to open. If the file name has spaces, the file name must be in quotes.
parameter2 (optional, requires parameter1): play
parameter3 (optional, requires parameter1 and parameter2): part:style_section:loop number
parameter4 (optional, requires parameter1 and parameter2): hidden

If "<the path to>" has spaces, the entire jar file name must be in quotes.

Sample command:
javaw -jar "C:/my programs/MIDIandStylePlayer.jar" "C:/files/my style.sty" play part:MA:4 hidden

- If no parameter is defined: The program just opens
- If parameter1 is defined: The program opens and loads the defined file
- If parameter1 and parameter2 are defined: The program opens; loads the defined file and starts playing this file
- If parameter1 and parameter2 and parameter3 are defined: The program opens; loads the defined file; starts playing the defined style section the loopnumber times; and closes automatically.
- If parameter4 is defined, the User Interface is hidden and the program closes automatically.

parameter1 (the "file name") MUST be the first parameter; the order of the remaining parameters does not matter.

Style section format:
MA = Main A; MB = Main B; MC = Main C; MD = Main D
IA = Intro A; IB = Intro B; IC = Intro C; ID = Intro D
EA = Ending A; EB = Ending B; EC = Ending C; ED = Ending D
FAA = Fill In AA; FBB = Fill In BB; FCC = Fill In CC; FDD = Fill In DD
FAB = Fill In AB; FBA = Fill In BA (breaks)

Associating a file type (e.g. ".sty") to this program:

1. Create a bat file (e.g. "MIDIandStylePlayer.bat") in Notepad with this command: javaw -jar "<the path to>/MIDIandStylePlayer.jar" %1

2. Convert this bat file to an executable file (".exe" extension) using a converter. Search Google to find a converter for your system. Give the converted file a name, e.g. "MIDIandStylePlayer.exe"

3. In Explorer, right click a file of the type (e.g. ".sty") you want to associate to this program.

4. Select "Open with"; find the executable "MIDIandStylePlayer.exe" at your computer; and select this.

5. If you want to associate more file types to this program, repeat step 3 and 4.