Lyrics Finder

Lyrics Finder is a software program for finding, extracting and printing lyrics in MIDI, Karaoke and XF files.

The extracted lyrics can be edited, printed and saved to file.

The program will analyze single files or all files in folders - optionally including any subfolders.

Additionally all textual data (e.g. Copyright) can be extracted; lyrics can be converted to lower case and syllables in the lyrics can be divided with a space or hyphen and space.

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Lyrics Finder

1.152013-07-27Improved compatibility with systems running more .Net Frameworks.
1.142012-12-01Compatibility with more .Net Frameworks.
Internal code revision.
1.132011-09-28View menu added. Defines and saves User Interface size setting.
Added shortcuts to most used file operations.
.Net Framework ver. 2 is now required.
1.122010-02-10Internal code revision.
1.112009-03-01Added multilingual Online Help. Accessible from within the program, and from this page.
1.102008-02-15Code revision to avoid file reading errors reported at some systems
1.92008-02-01Internal code revisions.
1.82007-02-22New Syllable Delimiter-option: "Hyphen and Space" added.
Internal code revisions.
1.72004-03-23Settings in menus moved to the User Interface.
Reading speed improved.
1.62004-02-08Cosmetic changes in User Interface
Code optimized
1.52004-01-31Added an "Exit" button to the User Interface. (How could I forget this until now?)
1.42003-12-09Added text processing and printing features
1.32003-10-30Improved text formatting for XF files
1.22003-10-25Write protected files could not be read in previous versions. Now they can !
1.12003-10-24Spaces between syllables are default removed. Setting in menu Options | Settings
1.02003-10-21Initial release