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Program Operation

• Select menu File | Open File for finding lyrics in a single file.
• Lyrics will be shown in the bottom window

• Select File | Open Folder to find files with lyrics in a folder. You will be asked to include subfolders.
• The program lists all files with lyrics in the top window.
• Selecting a file will show the lyrics in the bottom window.

• Edit the lyrics with the built-in text processor in menu Text
• Print the lyrics by selecting menu File | Print Lyrics

And / Or:
• Save the lyrics to a file by selecting menu File | Save Lyrics. This file (RTF-format) can be processed in any word processor, e.g. Word, WordPad

File menu

• Open File: For opening a single file for extracting lyrics.
• Open Folder: For opening a folder with files for extracting lyrics. The program will ask for to include subfolders.
• Save Lyrics: Save the lyrics to a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file.
• Page and Printer Setup: Setup page margins, printer orientation etc.
• Print Lyrics: Print the lyrics.
• Exit: Exits the program.

Text menu

• Select All Text: Checking this will select all text in the lyrics window.
• Selected Text Settings: Set font, color etc. for selected text in the lyrics window.

View menu

• Select size of User Interface. Your setting is saved.

Help menu

• Online Help, Help Content, Help Search, Check for new Version, Registration and About.

Settings in the User Interface

• Find all Textual Data: Will display all text, e.g. Copyright notice, Track names.
• Lyrics to Lower Case: Will show lyrics in lower case. Many files include lyrics entirely in (hard reading) upper case.
• Syllable Delimiter - Space: Will insert a space between syllables in the lyrics.
• Syllable Delimiter - Hyphen and Space: Will insert a hyphen and a space between syllables in the lyrics.

Changing these settings will force the program to re-read the lyrics displayed. Please wait while the program is performing this task.