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This program can be operated in four modes (read below); and the several image file formats are supported.

The program will resize the images to fill the available page area (= Page size - margins) while maintaining the width/height ratio.


Select Mode:
Mode 1. One Image File → One PDF File (default)
Mode 2. More Image Files → One PDF File
Mode 3. All Image Files in a Folder → Separate PDF Files
Mode 4. All Image Files in a Folder → One PDF File

Open File menu:
Mode 1. Open File

Mode 2. Add File. The File List becomes visible and the file is added here. Add File again and so on. Or multi select files by holding down the Ctrl key.
Mode 3. Open Folder. You will be prompted for a "Source" folder and a "Destination" folder. The converted pdf files will be saved in the latter of these.
Mode 4. Open Folder

Set Page Size (all Modes):
A4 (210 x 297 mm) and Letter (8.5" x 11") formats are supported.

Set Page Orientation (all Modes):
Portrait and Landscape modes are supported.

Set Page Margins (all Modes):
• Images scanned from books and sheet music often have margins. For these cases set the margins to 0.

• Photos have no margins. In these cases set the margins to e.g. 15 mm.
• If the PDF document is for printing set the margins to minimum the printer's margins.

Arrange Pages:
Mode 3 & 4: Select file to move up/down or delete. The order in the File List will be kept in the pdf file.

Press Convert button:
Mode 1; 2 & 4. You will be prompted for at file name.
Mode 3. The pdf files will be saved in the "Destination" folder selected. They will have the same file name as the image file; but with a pdf file extension.