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Deutsch Style Workshop (Heidrun Dolde) pdf

Select language: Menu Options -> Setup.
Then close and restart the program.

Move the Mouse Cursor over a Column Label to get help in the Information window.

Program Operation

When opening a style file all voices used, part markers used and the CASM section will be read.

Voices are shown in the left column.

In the CASM section Parts are grouped in Part Collections.
All Parts in a Part Collection have common CASM settings.
The Part Collections are shown in the middle window in the bottom of the Main window.

Parts can be moved from and to Part Collections.

If a Part does not belong to any Part Collection, this Part will be shown in Not Grouped (the left window in the bottom of the Main window).
In this situation a new Part Collection can be created.

When creating a new Part Collection the settings from an existing Part Collection can be inherited; otherwise Default CASM settings will be used.

Default CASM settings can be edited and automatically saved in Menu Options -> Default CASM settings.

The common CASM settings for the active Part Collection is shown in the upper part of the Main window.

Default CASM data can be added to a MIDI file, having the required Markers.