Apparently there is an everlasting demand for new keyboard styles. Instead of creating your own keyboard style you might find a suitable one.
At the listed web sites you can find thousands of Style Files for the Yamaha Tyros, PSR, CVP, DGX and YPG range of keyboards. Some styles are free (F); others are for sale (S).
Notice that the quality varies a lot; and that some additional tweaking might be needed.
More Styles:
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1700 - 620 - 8000 styles F
AGATON Style Pack S
Amien Melody Midi F
Anti-Freeze F
Arabic Styles S
Bernie F
CD-Soft S
Club Edo Forrozeiro F
Communications Template Styles FS
Darren's Styles F
Edition Hage S
Fichiers d'accompagnement F
Frits Keyboard Muziek F
Gelora F
GigaStyleCollection S
  Greek Style Site F
Harodilia Styles F
Heidruns Musikerseite F
Hephaestus Styles F
Yamaha keyboard resource Indian Styles F
J van Welie F
Jaaf F
Juan Carlos Mendoza F
Lao Music Community Styles F
Yamaha keyboard resource Make Music Styles F
Marek Styles F
Yamaha keyboard resource Indian Kit Styles S
Midi Spot S
MIDI-Style-Atlas F
Yamaha keyboard resource Montolutusan Styles F
Mundo Ritmos F
  Mundoritmos F
Musik Zentrum S
My Styles F
Yamaha keyboard resource Nirwana Musik Styles F
Paul Cybo F
Persian/Iranian styles S
PSR 3000 Free styles F
PSR Styles Vault Archive F
PSR Tutorial Styles F
Ragatracks: Yamaha Tabla Styles S
Semerenko F
Song Styles F
Songstyles for Tyros S
Songstyles for Tyros 3 & 5 F
Sonny Studio Styles S
Stan Lüder F
  Style Disk Warehouse FS
Style Sharing Portal Styles S
Le site de Thierry F
Tommy Ölin styles F
Universal Style Collection S
Westerveld Styles F
Word of Christ Styles F
Worm PSR F
Yamaha Styles & Sounds F
Yamaha Styles and Voices F
Yamaha Styles Megaset F
Yamaha keyboard resource Yudhi Purwana Styles F
Zake 01 F