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The links at this page leads to a wealth of wisdom about Yamaha keyboard related topics.

Tutorials, FAQs, knowledge bases, video instructions, resource files, specifications.

It is all here.

And some links even point to files to download and to use directly in your keyboard.

At the listed sites you can find any relevant information applying to all/more models within the Yamaha Genos, Tyros, PSR, CVP, DGX, YPG and YPT range of keyboards.

Resource Sites

PSR Tutorial


Yamaha Club

Yamaha Zone - Resources

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Service Manuals for keyboards etc.

Resource Sites - Non English Language

Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site - Danish site Tyrosgruppen.dk

Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site - German site Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site - English site Heiko: PSR, MIDI, XG & XF

Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site - German site Sound Wonderland

Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site - German site Heidrun's Musikerseiten

Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site - German site Robby's Resources

Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site - German site Tyros 5 Music-Finder

Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site - French site Fred Tyros Studio

Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site - Portuguese site Samples Internos PSR-sX70


Create Expansion Pack

DVD: Playing with Styles

Drawbar Settings

BiaB plays the Keyboard

LearnVideos - Water & Western

LearnVideos - Musical & Cartoons

Multi Pads for Contemp. Dance Music

Make style with Cakewalk/Sonar

Creating Styles - Tutorial

Downloading and Installing YEM

Creating custom PPF pack


Style Files

Yamaha: Music Database Libraries

PSR Tutorial: Music Finder Databases

Instrument Definition Files


Template to Create a Custom Style

Aeres - Sounds & Styles

Style Templates for Odd Times zip

Style Files - Introduction and Details

Song & Style Datenbank online

How to connect Keyboard to PC/Mac

Connect Clavinova to Win7 64bit

Clavinova and DGX Service Manuals

420,000+ Tyros Videos

460,000+ PSR Videos

170,000+ CVP Videos

76,000+ DGX Videos

22,000+ YPG Videos

Old Pages

Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner

Synth Zone Arranger Keyboard Forums

Chris Hansen's Arranger Keyb. Discus.

Yamaha Corporation Websites

Misc. Sites

Songs for Yamaha Keyboard

PSR 740 Corner pdf