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Technical Problems

This program will only run at Windows systems.
The program will only work properly if the software programs have been installed using the default Windows Installer files from the Download Page.

Program Operation

When opened this program will list all installed software programs from

For each software program the following will be shown in a table:
• Software program name (column "Program Name")
• Software program version number (column "Local version")
Link to the software web site (column "Information")
Link to run the software (column "Run Program")
Link to uninstall the software (column "Uninstall Prg.")
Link to required software (column "Required Software")

File Menu

Check for new Versions *)

When clicked the table will be updated; and will show the following additional information:

• The newest software program version available (column "Curr. Version")
If this version is higher than the installed version:
Link to install the new software version (column "New Version")

If new software programs are available, information in columns "Program Name"; "Curr. Version"; "New Version"; "Information"; and "Required Software" will be shown while the column "Local Version" will show: "Not Installed".

*) This operation requires an open internet connection.

Update Local Installation

If you choose to download and install new versions or new software programs click this for updating the information in the table.

View menu

• Select size of User Interface. Your setting is saved.

Help menu

• Online Help, Help Content, Help Search, Check for new Version, Registration and About.