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Program Operation

You can choose either to open

- one file or more files under File menu - Open File(s). Multiple files are selected by holding down the Ctrl key during selection. Only files with correct Yamaha file extensions will be displayed.


- an entire folder of files (Source Folder) under File menu - Open Folder. After that, the program will ask to have a folder selected to save the changed files in (Destination Folder). It cannot be the same folder. This prevents accidental overwriting. If a folder for this purpose does not already exist, a new folder can be created here.

Enter Copyright text in the field. The last used text is automatically saved to your PC. This text will subsequently be left in the box when the program opens. The text can of course be changed.

Click the "Add now!" Button.

The program will overwrite any existing Copyright text with the selected Copyright text; and will add the selected Copyright text if one does not already exist.

If file(s) is selected, the familiar Save dialog will now appear.

If a folder of files is selected, these are automatically saved in Destination Folder.

Exit the program either by clicking the "Exit" button; or "Exit" under File menu; or by pressing Ctrl + X; or by pressing X in the upper right corner.

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