Copying is the sincerest form of flattery. But I do not want to be flattered. At least not that way!

The contents and design of this web site is protected by Copyright laws as stated in the bottom of every single page at this web site.

It is unacceptable to me if someone copies (read: steals) my work through more than 19 years, and uploads the stolen parts of this site to their own servers/web sites.

Therefore I will publish infringements of my copyright here.

Besides being an infringement of my copyright, I find this behaviour illegal, disgraceful, abjectful and most of all unfair.

I am fully aware of that I do NOT have copyright in presenting information, links, etc.

However the way the information, links, etc. are selected, arranged and presented in a web page IS my copyright.

An analogy:
Paul McCartney do NOT have copyright in presenting single notes or even collections of notes (chords and melodies). However the way the notes are selected, arranged and presented in a song IS his copyright.

Copyright is basically about the rights of private property. Those who produce something, own it. Unless they have a contract with someone who pays them for producing this. Our society is based on this principle.

When you copy something that other persons have produced, you therefore violate the right of private property. Of course this is not allowed. And I also think everyone agree that this is how it should be.

If you do not accept the right of private property, you agree - probably unwittingly - in communist ideology. Or anarchy. Is that what you want?

On the other hand, I think it will be fine if those who PRODUCE something, share it with us. But it is THEIR decision because it is THEIR private property. They have the exclusive RIGHT to COPY...

It is of course allowed to link to my site and to the individual pages here!

More about copyright here.

Current infringements