Haven't we all been dreaming of writing a smash hit; or making an outstanding performance?

Well, less will have to do for the majority. But anyway, some good advice from knowledgeable persons will always be useful.

At the listed web sites you can find the music theory and practice; plus tools for composing and song writing.

Most of these resources apply to songs as well as to styles composing.


Time Signature Lessons

Music Theory For Songwriters

Teoria Reference

Pete Thomas - Composition

Interactive Drum Groove Online

Preparing Backing Tracks For Live Use

Arpeggio MIDI Sheets and Files

How to Write a Song - WikiHow

Instrument Range pdf

Wikipedia - List of music styles

AudioSauna - Make Music Online


Free Printable Staff Paper

Gratis Noder


Rhyme Zone

rhyme desk

Online Rhyming Dictionary

Copyright and the Public Domain

MIDI Song File Copyright Issue

Content in Elec. Musical Instruments

Yamaha's Proprietary Rights Notice

UK Copyright Law