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Silent channels

Error in redirection in CASM section
• Change redirection

Empty channels
• Record something

Style doesn't work at all

Missing/misspelled "SFF1" ("SFF2") and/or "SInt" Text Marker in the first measure
• Correct/add these

Style file not saved as Format 0
• Save in Format 0

Hanging notes

A "Note Off" event is missing
• Check note events in MIDI part

An error in the note length definition
• Correct the note length

Chords sounds bad

Mismatch in source key and Chord Root/Type setting in CASM
• Change the Chord Root/Type setting in CASM

Missing parts

Misspelled markers
• Correct the spelling. Capitalization and spaces matters

Keyboard suddenly stops

Empty measures within a part
• Record something

Silent keyboard (older models only)

Order of style parts
• Try moving the Main A part to be the first part in MIDI

Missing Main A part
• Create a Main A part

Channels in wrong octave

Mismatch between recorded notes and Note Low and High Limits in CASM
• As the Note Limit values overrules the octave of the recorded notes, define the desired octave by setting Note Low and High Limits

Balance between instruments

Some instruments too loud or too weak
• Change the Master Volume in channels

Style error when loading

Missing Main A part (older models only)
• Create a Main A Part

Style file too large
• Remove some style parts. Use Style ReMixer software for this.

Wrong instruments

A wrong instrument is playing
• The keyboard has a "fall-back" procedure which will make the General MIDI voice sound, if a non-existing voice in the keyboard is defined. Use Style Revoicer for correct voice settings.

Style sound bad in a MIDI Player

Ordinary MIDI Players can not read CASM
• The style is not interpreted correctly anywhere else than in a keyboard. Always use this method to check a style.

Instrument not triggered

The "Note On" tick occurs BEFORE the part Text Marker
• Move the "Note On" tick inside part boundaries