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If your keyboard does not support data transfer using the Yamaha Musicsoft Downloader software program - or you do not want to use this - using USB drives for data transfer between a keyboard without HD and a computer is somewhat bothering.

At least the "Yamaha Way"...

The Yamaha Way

Remove USB storage device/cable from the keyboard and insert it into the computer. And vice versa.

Not THAT elegant!

Jososoft trick

Jososoft trick

My way

This bother can be eliminated by installing a switchbox that enables you to use the same USB drive on one computer and one keyboard.

The USB drive connects to the switchbox, which then connects to the computer and the keyboard.

You can then press a button on the box to change if the computer or the keyboard is connected to the USB drive.

Get a box from one of the sources below. You will need 2 USB cables for the connections. Both with a USB A connector in the one end, and with a USB B Connector in the other end.

Source 1 - Source 2 -

Notice: You will get the "usual" warnings when toggling between devices (= inserting / removing a USB device). Just be sure you are not transferring files when toggling.

Common USB Drive

Press the red button at the switch box to connect/disconnect the USB storage device to the keyboard or to the computer.

Jososoft trick