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Music Finder File Format

Music Finder File Manager is a software program for managing records in the Music Finder Files for Yamaha keyboards.

The program can be used for creating, updating, and sorting records in Music Finder Files. Furthermore two files can be merged; and duplicate records can be deleted.

Data records can be read from and saved in Yamaha format files or tabulator delimited files.

This version does not support editing of Links to MIDI or Audio files in the Music Finder Data file. However any existing links to these will remain untouched.

Yamaha Genos keyboard will read Music Finder Files created in this software program. However it will not save in the file format used in this software program.

The "hidden" style parts Intro D and Ending D can not be used for "Intro" and "Next". More.

This program is yet not compatible with CVP 709; CVP 705; CVP 601; CVP 509; PSR A2000; PSR OR700; PSR S650 and PSR S550. I need help to reveal the secret internal data from users of these models. More.
Music Finder File Manager

1.272018-01-19Bugs in CVP 509 data list corrected
1.262018-01-01Support for CVP 509
1.252017-12-02No new features. Minor changes in User Interface.
1.242017-01-10Support for CVP 701 and PSR S-670
1.232015-11-03Support for PSR S970 and PSR S770
1.222015-07-09Support for CVP 609
1.212014-11-06A minor number of errors in the model specific style lists have been corrected.
1.202014-11-05Support for CVP 605
1.192014-05-11Improved compatibility for various models and operation modes.
1.182014-03-20Not released test version.
1.172014-01-23Support for Tyros 5.
File type extension for import and export of "Tab Delimited Files" changed to "txt". This will work in conjunction with Microsoft Excel.
1.162013-10-15File Open Dialog will show Music Finder files only (*.mfd).
1.152013-07-27Improved compatibility with systems running more .Net Frameworks.
1.142013-07-16A number of errors in the model specific style lists have been corrected.
1.132012-12-11A number of errors in the model specific style lists have been corrected.
1.122012-12-03A number of errors in the model specific style lists have been corrected.
1.112012-11-21PSR S950 and PSR S750 support
1.102012-05-17Support for most CVP 5xx models and CVP 4xx models.
A number of errors in the model specific style lists have been corrected.
Two (pretty idiotic) bugs has been repaired.
- "Fav"; "S1"; and "S2" settings were not saved.
- Adding records from lower pane did not work properly if records in this pane had been sorted.
Minor changes in the user Interface.
1.92011-09-28View menu added. Defines and saves User Interface size setting.
"Missing" styles and where to find these are listed.
Checking duplicate records has been simplified and more intuitive.
Added shortcuts to most used file operations.
.Net Framework ver. 2 is now required.
1.82011-08-28'Multiple delete' and 'multiple copy' features are now working properly.
Error handling in menu 'Record' -> 'Copy the Selected' is added.
Minor bugs corrected.
1.72010-10-31Tyros 4 support. NB: Editing of Song Data is not supported.
 2009-12-11Minor errors in the style list corrected
1.62009-12-10PSR S910 and PSR S710 support
1.52009-03-01Added multilingual Online Help. Accessible from within the program, and from this page.
1.42008-10-21Tyros 3 style list added
1.32008-02-29Added features for managing data files from other models than the selected model
1.22008-02-24PSR S700; CVP 309/7/5 and CVP 210/9/8/7/6/5/4/3 style lists added
1.12008-02-15Code revision to avoid file reading errors reported at some systems
1.02008-02-13Initial release
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Music Finder File Manager
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