Creative Style Maker is the online program for editing CASM sections in style files
Creative Style Maker has been replaced by the CASM Editor software.
Access to the online program has been terminated due to too much work handling security attacks and account management compared to the number of frequent users.

A few users (= fools) have been uploading all kind of stuff, but MIDI and style files.
These invalid uploads (e.g. scripts, executables, viruses) have to be detected (updating program) and removed (manual clean-up), as these might compromise the security.

Account management
App. 25% of users opening an account supplies an invalid email-address.
App. 5% of users opening an account forgets their user name and/or password.
These subjects require (more or less) a day-to-day service answering mails and manual updating the user database.

More than 60 % of the registered users have never used the program at all. Just opened an account.
More than 95 % of the registered users have used the program 4 times or less in a year.
Only 6 (six) users have used the program 10 times or more in a year.

I apologize to the few frequent users for terminating this program; but I do no have the time required to maintain it anymore.