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MIDI Resources

MIDI Setup

For the most technical minded the computer gives a lot of possibilities to create music - or music software programs.

Interesting topics are e.g. Music format conversion; automatic music generation; and catalogue/database programs.

At the listed web sites you can find invaluable resources for programming your keyboard; and for programming music and MIDI computer applications.

Programming Projects

Recordare - Music XML

Music Programming Languages

MidiShare Development Kits

C++ Resources

HP Midifile

MIDI Library for developers

VB.Net and C# Resources

JUNOLAND - Midi-Compose

The Code Project

MIDI Toolkit MIDI piano

Recording Sheet Music

Mark .NET

WPF Midi Band

MIDI monitor

.NET Windows MIDI Library

Windows.​Devices.​Midi Namespace

Top 20 NuGet MIDI Packages

Java Resources


Java Sound API

MIDI software programming pdf

jMusic - Composition in Java


Android Resources

Arduino Resources

Simple MIDI sequencer

PDF Resources

API for PDF Reader pdf