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April 15

Software update:

midi2style (ver. 6.17). A rare initializing error corrected.

April 10

Added to Styles page:

ToDo Ritmos

Added to Forums page:

Yamaha Music Board

March 15

Software update:

OTS Editor (ver. 2.43). Memorizes user selected keyboard model.

March 12

Software update:

Style Half Bar Fill Creator (ver. 1.11). Fill In AB added.

March 7

Software update:

midi2style (ver. 6.16). A rare initializing error corrected.

February 19

Software update:

Software Program Manager (ver. 1.12). No new features just cosmetics!

February 18

Added to Ins Files Page

Ins files for PSR SX900 and PSR SX700. Thanks Dale!

February 5

Added to Resources Page

Yamaha Keyboard Resource Site - German site MIDI File to Note Print

February 1

Added to Software 1 Page

ppf to wave converter

January 26

Software updates:

Style Add Copyright (ver. 1.1) and Style Voice Change (ver. 1.1) will now run at 32 bit Windows as well as 64 bit Windows.

Added to Styles Page

Luc Keirse Songstyles

January 21

Added to Software Page

Y-Style Revoice

January 16

Added to Software Page

Style Extractor zip

January 10

Added to Programming Page

Top 20 NuGet MIDI Packages

January 5

New version of Software Program Manager (ver. 1.11) software available.

New version handles incompatibilities in the listed software programs version numbering.
Update recommended.

January 1

4 new software programs have been released. These programs are small utility programs doing rather specific jobs.

Style Add Copyright - Add or change Copyright notice in style files.

Style MFD Extract - Get song titles vs. style numbers from Music Finder data files.

Style Voice Change - Change style voices one-by-one or in batch.

MIDI Out Setup - Set up MIDI device for playback.

All my 40 software programs have been updated; but there are no new features. The update is part of securing the programs for the future and entails:

- for .Net based programs:
.Net Framework ver. 4.0 or higher must be installed on the user's computer. Read Get .Net Framework for additional information.

- for Java based programs:
JRE (Java Runtime Environment) ver. 8 or higher must be installed on the user's computer. Read Get JRE for additional information.

Added to Danish Music Page

Folkets Hus Spillefolk

Spillemandskredsens Nodemappe


Gratis kirkemusiknoder


Added to Software 1 Page

Sonic Immersion | Genosys 1.3