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December 14

Updated software - Support for PSR S975/S775; PSR SX900/SX700; PSR E463; PSR EW410; and PSR i500.

CASM Editor (ver. 1.43)

midi2style (ver. 6.14)

MIDI Revoicer (ver. 1.44)

OTS Editor (ver. 2.41)

OTS Viewer (ver. 1.21)

Style Revoicer (ver. 1.44)

Voice Finder (ver. 1.41)

Added to Styles Page

Alli Styles

Added to Music Software 2 Page

MIDI Cleaner

December 10

Changes to Forums page

2 German forums have been added

Some low active forums have been removed.

November 4

Added to Forums page

6 low activity forums have been added

October 28

Added to Yamaha page

Yamaha Museum Tour

Added to Styles page

Henni Styles

Added to Music Software 2 page

Improvisor Group

October 13

Added to Music Software 2 page


October 8

Added to Music Software 2 page

MIDI Maker

October 4

Added to Music Software 2 page


October 1

This site's newsletter has been published.

October 1 Newsletter

August 1

Added to Danish Music page

Klavermusik med noder og tekst

Added to Music Software 1 page

Chord Tracker - Android App

July 28

Added to Songwriting page

Learning Wholenote

June 10

Some old and/or obsolete links removed.

February 1

Some obsolete links removed.

January 12

Added to Styles page

Planet Keyboard styles

Added to Fakebooks-Sheets 1 page

SH's huge collection