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July 29

Added to Software 2 page

XG Works, SQ01, VST etc.

July 16

Added to Fakebooks-Sheets page


June 26

All external links checked; and "dead" links removed.

June 9

Added to Fakebooks-Sheets page

English Songs and Movie Themes

1000 Partituras CyberPiano

May 28

Updated software

midi2style (ver. 6.8)

May 22

The "Backing Track" software has been removed as the data needed from is no longer public.

May 18

Added to Forums page


May 17

15 year anniversary My first software program midi2style was released 15 years ago today. Read the full story here.

April 17

All links at the site have been checked; and 'dead' links have been removed.

April 2

Added to Styles page

Style 4 Keyboard

Added to Songwriting page

rhyme desk

March 21

Added to Ins Files page

Ins file for DGX 660. Thanks to BillyBob!

March 4

Added to Resources page

Samples Internos PSR-sX70

February 15

Added to Fakebooks - Sheets page

Various Sheets

toto1974 Sheets

Added to Songwriting page

UK Copyright Law

February 11

Added to My Articles page

Import and Use Ins Files

February 2

Updated software

File Organizer (ver. 1.4)

January 31

Added to Fakebooks - Sheets page

Music Library

January 28

Added to Fakebooks - Sheets page

1000+ songbooks

January 20

Updated article:

HP_MIDIFILE.dll in C# and VB.Net

January 12

The January 2017 Newsletter has been mailed to all subscribers.

If you have NOT got your copy - caused by e.g. database errors, transmission errors, server downtime or too aggressive spam filters - then go to Newsletter and add your mail address. Then the Newsletter will be resend.

Added to Fakebooks - Sheets page

January 10

Added to Styles and Resources pages

Sound-ABC - Sounds and Styles

Updated software

Backing Track (ver. 1.1)

Music Finder File Manager (ver. 1.24)

January 8

Added to Resources page

Service Manuals for keyboards etc.