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Yamaha keyboard Style files are MIDI Format 0 files with one or more additional non-MIDI data chunks. Read more about the Style Format.

The style parts must ideally match the accessible style parts in the keyboard. Read more about valid Style Part Names.

Style files can be created using different methods. Read more about Style Creation.

MIDI to Style Conversion

MIDI to Style conversion is technically possible, but the quality of the resulting style may be poor.

The main problem is that you have to reverse the MIDI file creation process to get elements (blocks of measures) for building a style file.

It is almost like to reverse bread into flour, sugar, water etc., and use these ingredients for a cake. As it might be understood, this is a quite complex task.

Use my midi2style software - or one of the other tools listed at the Software page - to convert MIDI files to Style Files.

At the midi2style page you will find sample conversions, trouble shooting tips, a 'Getting Started' manual etc. for detailed information.

It must be noted that a style file can NOT be created by just eliminating the melody line in a MIDI file. This will only change the file to a "Music minus One" file.

As the measures have not been "neutralized" to the CMaj7 scale, the file will not respond correctly to the chords played with your left hand.

These will so to speak be placed "on top" of the chords in the original file, which most probably will give unpredictable results.

Furthermore the file will not be loopable as it has no part Markers; and if the CASM section is not added it will not react properly on chord changes etc.

There are several reasons for poor conversion results:
• The MIDI file has only one intro and one ending, which makes it impossible to create several Intro and Ending Parts for the Style.
• The chord and scale detection may be fooled by un-complete chords, and not theoretical correct scales.
• The values of parameter changes, e.g. sustain changes, program change are not stored correctly.
• One or more MIDI file channels have both "Melody Line" and "Accompaniment Pattern" content.
• The MIDI file has limited variety in accompaniment patterns which makes it impossible to create several Main Parts.
• The MIDI file is musically to simple or ordinary to make a well working style file.