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This article describes the files extensions used by Yamaha keyboards.
Style Files - sty, pst, pcs, sst, prs, bcs, fps, scp, aus

Styles are the main component for music reproduction in arranger keyboards.

Style files holds MIDI data and some non-MIDI data. NB: "aus" styles are audio styles.

Style files had some years ago always sty file extension. Now a number of files extensions are used: pst (pianist); pcs (piano combo); sst (session); prs (pro); bcs (basic); fps (free play) and scp (dj style).

Beside the built-in styles additional style files can be loaded into most models. But due to some changes in the style file format during the years, styles might need conversion for use in smaller/older models.

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Yamaha Expansion Packs (YEPs) - yep, ppi, ppf, cpi, cpf

A Yamaha Expansion Pack is a package which adds more content (voices and styles) to the keyboard.

The voices and styles are merged into a file, having a yep or ppi extension.

Some YEPs contain Registrations and/or MultiPads too. These data are not included in the "yep/ppi" file.

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License files - n25, n26, n27

License key for importing additional files.

Registration Files - rgt, reg

Registrations are saved snapshots of all active keyboard settings; e.g. style, instruments. This makes it possible to set up your keyboard pressing one button.

Registrations are saved to files with rgt or reg file extension. "reg" is an old format.

For the Tyros models Yamaha has developed utilities for converting registrations from one model to another.

More software tools for manipulation and conversion of registrations are available.

Voice Files - org, vce, liv, swv, clv, mgv, sar, sa2, ldr, drm, swv, nlv, mgv, sfx, lsf, env, cvn/d, cwn/d, uvn/d/i, tvn/d/i, vv1, cv1, vli, t2e

There are two different ways of changing the voices: Modifying the built-in voices or loading new voice samples.

The built-in voices can be modified, and may also work on other models. The new voice settings are saved to a file. File extensions are org; vce; liv; swv; clv; mgv; sar; ldr; and drm. Data format is MIDI.

When a built-in voice in the keyboard is loaded, the new settings are read and the voice is changed accordingly.

The latest high end arrangers, the Genos and Tyros models, will load 'real' new voices in the keyboard firmware. These voices are in files with cvn/cvd; uvn/uvd or tvn/tvd file extensions ("?vd" for drum kits); and these are not interchangeable between models.

Music Finder Files - mfd

The Music Finder gives an easy way to select the style; tempo; and intro style part for songs.

The Music Finder holds a database of song records, where this information is stored.

Each model has a preset Music Finder database. The records in this database can be modified or deleted; and new ones can be added.

Furthermore the database can be replaced with a new database file. The file extension is mfd.

Music Finder database are keyboard specific; but to some extent they can be used in 'close' models. If not, software programs can be used edit the database on your PC.

Play List Files - tsv

Genos introduced the Play List as a new format to replace the Music Finder; but basically the same features.

The file format is "Tabulator Seperated Values", which make the files editable in Microsoft Excel software.

MIDI and Audio Files - mid, wav, mp3

All Yamaha keyboards will read MIDI files - file extension mid. MIDI files holds data - 'the music recipe' - to the sound generator; but no 'music'.

This must not be confused with audio files - file extensions wav and mp3. This later holds 'music' and is read only by high end arrangers.

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Multipad Files - pad, pd2

As an extra spice to your performances one of the built-in multipads can be added.

Besides this you can load additional multipads and get even more and new "spices".

Multipad files have a pad or pd2 file extension. "pad" is a file in MIDI format, while "pd2" is an audio file link.

"pad" files can be created and edited in MIDI sequencer software.

Multipad files can be transferred from one keyboard to another; and you can replace the multipad in a style with another and save this.

Misc. files - usr, bup

usr = User data files
bup = Backup files (PSR E-models)
prg = Firmware Update File
msu = MIDI Setup File (System Reset Display)
ssu = System Setup File (System Reset Display)

Outdated files - ots, vic, eff

Files with an ots extension are 'One Touch Setting' files for PSR 9000 only. Later models use OTS data integrated in the style file.

Files with a vic extension are PSR 9000 voice data files.

Files with an eff extension are PSR 9000 effect data files.