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This article describes Yamaha Expansion Packs (YEP): Content, availability, software for YEP, etc.
What is YEP
A Yamaha Expansion Pack is a package which adds more content to the keyboard:
- Voices
- Styles (optional)
Voices and styles are merged into a file, having a "yep" or "ppi" extension.
Some YEPs contain Registrations and/or MultiPads. These data are not included in the "yep/ppi" file.

Where to get
YEPs can be obtained from Yamaha Website Shop -
Besides the YEPs for sale, some free YEPs can be found at Free Expansion Packs

- YEPs for the A2000, S750 and S950 have the same format.
- YEPs for S650 is another format.
- YEPs for S670 is the new format "ppi".
The size of YEPs is limited by the keyboards storing capacity.

Software for extracting and editing content in YEPs.

Styles In YEP Files
- This software will extract the style files only from YEPs. Styles In YEP/PPI Files

YEP Voice Manager
- This software is for managing yep files. Adding/removing voices and/or styles. YEP Voice Manager

Voice editing software
- If the voice is in wave format you can use Goldwave or another Digital Audio Editor.
- If it is uTG format... Sorry, no luck...

Expansion Voice Editor
- This software is for creating yep files. This is a Yamaha software program. The program and the manual are not available for public. Sorry...

A lot of information about YEP can be found here.