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This article describes Yamaha Expansion Packs (YEP): Content, availability, software for YEP, etc.
What is YEP
A Yamaha Expansion Pack is a package which adds more content to the keyboard:
- Voices
- Styles (optional)
Voices and styles are merged into a file, having a "yep" extension.
Some YEPs contain Registrations and/or MultiPads. These data are not included in the "yep" file.

Where to get
YEPs can be obtained from Yamaha Website Shop -
Besides the YEPs for sale, some free YEPs can be found at Free Expansion Packs

- YEPs for the A2000, S750 and S950 have the same format.
- YEPs for S650 is another format.
The size of YEPs is limited by the keyboards storing capacity.

Software for extracting and editing content in YEPs.

Styles In YEP Files
- This software will extract the style files only from YEPs. Styles In YEP Files

YEP Voice Manager
- This software is for managing yep files. Adding/removing voices and/or styles. YEP Voice Manager

Voice editing software
- If the voice is in wave format you can use Goldwave or another Digital Audio Editor.
- If it is uTG format... Sorry, no luck...

Expansion Voice Editor
- This software is for creating yep files. This is a Yamaha software program. The program and the manual are not available for public. Sorry...

A lot of information about YEP can be found here.